Zirconia coatings

Smile pattern correction

Zirconia coatings

Zirconia crowns are known as metal-free coatings that have more advantages over metal veneers.

For this reason, they are more commonly used than metal casing. These types of dentures are used to correct smile patterns for dental restoration. Because their use is easy, and as a result, the dentist's speed goes up for the treatment and repair of the patient's teeth.

While zirconia coatings, or non-metallic coatings, can bring beauty to the patient, they also have high strength and durability and are commonly used for sensitive individuals. The material of this type of coating is of zirconium material and no metal material is used for it. This improves the beauty of zirconia coatings than other coatings and makes it easier to create a groove on the tooth.

How to treat teeth using zirconium coatings

This treatment can be used for patients who are allergic to cold or heat. Because this type of coating is made of a particular material, it can act as a toothpaste and prevent heat transfer. It can also be used in patients who are allergic to some metallic coatings.

If this procedure is confirmed, the teeth are first examined. If there are problems such as low and short circumference, there will be enough space to put the zirconia overlay in the size of 1.5 mm, and the dentist will cut the beauty of the teeth to the required size, and then the size and Take the size of the patient's teeth and then make the mold. This template is used to make the coatings to the dedicated lab and thereupon a 3D scan is provided. The information obtained from the scan is transmitted by a machine onto a lathe, and then on special blocks of submarine. In the preparation and manufacture of zirconia coatings, it does not interfere with any human hand and is completely done with a mechanized machine. At the end, the zirconia covers are tailored to the shape of the patient's teeth and are attached to the lining, and the dentist will apply zirconia coating using special dressings to the patient's tooth.

Disadvantages of using zirconia coatings

  • Price and cost are relatively high
  • Tooth brushing does not go away

Advantages of zirconia coatings

  • Non-inflammation in the gingival region due to lack of metal in the structure of this type of veneer
  • High strength against ceramic or PFM coatings
  • Increasing the dentist's precision when using this type of veneer
  • Creation without hand involvement
  • Having a very transparent structure and passing light through it and, as a result, is very similar to natural teeth
  • Possibility of choice for the patient; Because the zirconia coatings are color-coded, the patient can choose one of the sheaths B1, A1, A2 according to his or her color.
  • Excellent fitting on the teeth of the patient
  • Removal and blackness of the gum edge

Features of zirconia coatings

Has great brilliance and beauty

The cost is relatively suitable for treatment

Very similar to ceramic veneer or pfm veneer