Smile pattern correction

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Smile pattern correction

Beauty smile helps better mood, affects confidence, and allows us to feel good about others.

Smiley correction means having beautiful teeth that are identified when smiling. If the teeth are uneven, spaced apart, short or forward, and bad, the smile is ugly. People with this discomfort are unhappy with their smile, which eventually lose their confidence and are less likely to smile at the crowd. There are several methods for smiling smile that can be corrected by the type of teeth, jaws and gums. On the other hand, the dentist's smile design, according to the patient's condition, suggests treatment methods. This means that the beauty dentist fully examines the patient's oral health before starting treatment. This is done to determine the set of specific rules for implementing the smile plan, as well as the treatment conditions according to the patient's condition and wishes. For this reason, the condition of teeth, gums, tooth structure and also the conditions of teeth pairing in this design are carefully examined and eliminated. Maintaining a smile pattern requires taking care of your mouth and teeth over time. For example, tooth whitening should be repeated occasionally so that the brilliance of the teeth is lasting and preserved. Enjoy the beauty of the beautiful, tidy, white, stylish and effective smile at the best of your choice.

Teeth form an important part of the human face that any defect in them can cause the ugly face of the human being. So you can not simply be dismissed from them. A continuous examination of teeth, care and hygiene is one of the things that can prevent teeth from rotting. But despite all the recommendations made by dentists, the tooth eruption is still inevitable. Dental knowledge is underway to cure and every day we see new advances in this area. Teeth restoration, beauticians, gum surgery, dental color changes, orthodontics, filling rotten teeth, replacing missing teeth, lifting teeth lengths, teeth covering, ... all under the name of smile design It takes place

Teeth have a great effect on the beauty of the face. When they laugh or talk, teeth are revealed, and if their appearance is nasty and uncomplicated, they not only reveal the face of the person ugly, but also have a negative effect on their self-confidence. has it. Restoration of teeth that are corrupted, rotten, irregular or imperfect are aimed at correcting the smile pattern. The smile design method is selected based on the complication of the teeth and patient's condition. It goes without saying that in the process of beautifying the teeth, the view and selection of the patient is also a fundamental condition. For example, when a patient does not want to have long-term treatments such as orthodontics, he or she may use a laser method. The smile's smoothness modifies the effects of brightening the teeth and changing their color, covering and repairing fractures, deformation, length and The size of the teeth and the restoration of crooked teeth

Improvement of smile design is done in order to beauty as well as repair corrupted and rotten teeth; it is desirable for patients and can give young patients a gift. In some dental treatments, complications and dangers may also pose a health threat to patients. The beauty dentist is required to explain all treatments to patients before treatment of possible complications. On the other hand, dental therapies are divided into two categories, which are essential treatments for the health of the patient and the oral health of the patient. While unnecessary treatments are only due to beautification. For example, planting a jeweled tooth, teens are a beautiful method that does not have a healing effect. For this reason, there may be complications and threats to the health of the teeth of the patients. While in the first group due to their therapeutic benefit, their complications are less. The complications of smile design can include teeth being drawn in orthodontics, reduced strength and firmness in teeth whitening, brushing teeth in the implant, and using mercury in filling the teeth, which are short-lived complications and three Improves up to four weeks

The cost of treatment and aesthetic dentistry is expensive and unfair for many patients and does not consider it to be profitable. For this reason, many patients avoid dental treatments due to cost of living. Eventually, some patients will also find that the cost of repairing the smile is cost effective, and the lack of information on treatment, dental equipment, dental care and dental care, dentist's fees and taxes, will be realized by consulting and consulting with the dentist. ... and determines the cost of dental treatment. Also dentists have not arbitrarily set prices and costs and may be cheap or expensive smile correction fees for some dentists due to the amount of skill, expertise, history of the dentist and the way and treatment. In fact, there is little difference between the price of the smile design for dentists, which can be attributed to the quality of the final result. The factors that determine the cost of a dental smile line can be the use of advanced devices and equipment, the degree of expertise and skill of the beauty dentist, the way and treatment, the severity of the problem and the complications of the patient's teeth.

Some people get too big at smiling when their lips grow and their gums are seen. The reason for this problem can be the shortness of the upper lip, excessive movement of the lips, excessive growth of the jaw, excessive growth of the ankle teeth, small teeth are the reason for the gums to appear. This problem occurs when There is no central balance between the gums and the upper lip of the patient. To treat this problem, the beauty dentist should examine the patient and identify the cause of the gum, but most people who are experiencing this problem can be treated with a gum smile, either laser or Botox. The cost and cost of correcting gum smile is appropriate and one of the best ways to cure this problem. Complications of gingival smile correction are less than gingival surgery. Remember that only you and the medical specialist can decide which of the methods for gum smile is right for you.