Restoration and treatment

The teeth form an important part of the face, in which any defect or defect causes an undesirable change in the human face.

So you can not simply be dismissed from them. The teeth are strong, but these teeth can have problems during the human life, which require repair. Restoration includes treatments that remove caries, pain, and eliminate germs infiltrated into the oral tissues and Teeth are. Therefore, continuous examination of teeth, care and hygiene is one of the things that can prevent tooth decay and tooth decay. But despite all the recommendations and examinations carried out by dentists, dental decay can not be prevented and, in general, can not be eradicated, and many patients are unaware of dental recommendations.

Restoration and Treatment Services Dr. Behrooz Faraji

Provide all therapeutic and restorative dentistry services in the most equipped clinic in northern Tehran (Niavaran and Manzarieh)