One of the things that has a beautiful face and high confidence is to have beautiful teeth and rows

When one or more teeth are lost due to rotting teeth, besides the great impact on the face, it is also effective in the mood and confidence of individuals that, before the implant implants arrived, dental specialists usually have rotted teeth By treating the root, covering and filling the rotten teeth, they helped to destroy the tooth, but when the decay was too high or the root was so damaged that it could not be repaired, they would have to pull the tooth and this would cause loss. Teeth were Meanwhile, implant implants have come in with the help of humans, and can restore both lost beauty to face and also can restore the ability to dabble naturally.

Tooth implant

Dental implants, called fixers, are called tinnitus pins that are compatible with body tissues that are implanted through surgery into the jaw bone and prosthetic dentures attached to these implants and into two The shape is fixed or movable to these implants. After implant placement by dental implant specialist within the jawbone of the bone marrow cells present in the implant, jaw bone is implanted into the implant. Because titanium metal must pass through the gum, gum health is an important condition for the implant. Also, the gum must have sufficient stamina to hold the metal base. .

Types of Implants

There are about 100 types of implants in the global market, but the most important criterion for one type of superiority is another type of response to the implant accepting tissues than the other one, which ensures the success of dental implants, as well as the percentage of defective implant implantation that has bone formation in Around them is less.
Different types of implants have major differences, including the cost of implants, available bones, support and after sales services, and more.

Complications of tooth implant

Perhaps the question is whether it is possible to have dental implants. In answer to this question it can be said that it is possible that some people will be faced with the implantation of the implant, and they are those who either immediately after the implantation implantation of the desire In fact, after implantation, soft foods should be used, and other smokers who are not willing to reduce their smoking time to 2 or 3 times. Others are people who are faced with high levels of high sugar. If they control their sugar, they can apply their implants without any complications. Infection Ever since the possibility that the implant be difficult.

first stage

Surgery and implant implanting

second stage

An interval of about 3 to 6 months for osteointrigation

third level

Start the prosthetic stage and put the tooth

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